Monday, April 30, 2012

tic tock

well, things have slowed down considerably at the new gym space....thanks to the city, county and fire department permits taking FOOOORRREEVVVVER (said in my very best "Sandlot" voice).  the good part about not doing the physical work at the gym is that it has given me a lot of time to work on the "behind the scenes" stuff.  

we were planning on hiring a certified yoga instructor but i've always wanted to get certified so i'd rather pay myself of sink the money back into the gym and teach it myself.  so it looks like i will be newly certified by the time the new gym opens.  

in other news, the schedule is almost finished and i stumbled upon these great drawers at a hallmark store that's being remodeled.  they will look perfect in the locker rooms and function wonderfully! instead of sinking a ton of money into lockers, i plan on building simple cubbies and using the drawers at the bottom for items to remain hidden from site. 

something similar to this:

definitely NOT like this: 

while the schedule is still being put together, NOW is the time to put in your two cents.  email us at for input or other inquiries.