Friday, May 11, 2012

no truer words

I read a lot of blogs.  Well, I read a lot in general and today I stumbled across this gem of a quote that not only defines the progress at the gym, but also most projects in my life (i.e. the garage sale, re-decorating our room, organizing the kid's rooms):

“I wonder why progress looks so much like destruction.”
John Steinbeck

 Oh how true!  You have to be willing to let everything look worse before it looks better! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

the winds of change

I've said it before, but I'll say it again...our gym right now is exactly the type of MMA gym you would picture in your mind.  Walk in the front door and you're likely to find sweaty guys throwing each other on the ground with another four or so guys in the boxing ring hitting each other.  There's holes in the walls (that's what happens when we pack the place).  We have plywood behind some of the mats.  The bathroom is something out of a horror movie or really bad truck stop.  The guys literally strip from their work clothes and leave them on the floor.  It drives me crazy, but that's how it is.  Steve Berger's Red Nose MMA is a perfect "guy's gym", but focusing on such a niche group has hurt us.  We aren't making enough money to do much more than pay for the gym's bills. 

Things are getting ready to change drastically for everyone.  This will be an awesome change, but I know the long-time students are getting antsy, and maybe a little nervous to see how much things are going to change.  One student asked me the other day if Berger MMA was going to be gone and the truth is YES, it will be gone.  The name will be gone.  The dirty bathroom, hole-in-the-wall brawler's gym will be gone.  The team will remain the awesome, loyal group of people with a great record (only two losses this year so far)!  The new gym will still have a man-cave in the basement--the "wreck room", "the dungeon" are a couple names we've been throwing around for this boy's only space at the new gym.   It's time to figure out a way to incorporate "Berger MMA" into the new place and sit back and let the winds of change take their course!

Here's a couple of gyms that I love!