Monday, July 23, 2012

in other exciting news.....

our grand opening has been scheduled for september 8th!  join us for a meet & greet with the instructors, food, demonstrations, giveaways. 

we will begin holding yoga and bodypump classes on august 6th!  stay tuned for an updated schedule on that!  august 6th is also the day our kid's club will open from 4pm-8pm! if our kickboxing bags are in by august 6th, we will also begin holding cardio kickboxing classes.

exciting stuff in the midst of chaos!

stay hungry...

"Stay hungry, stay foolish". This was an old boyfriend's favorite quote and while he was somewhat of a pompous ass, he was also a really smart guy with a heart of gold.  This quote that was most famously used in a commencement speech by Steve Jobs and it is something that I am thinking of daily. 

We are never done learning.  I read every day because I have a hunger for useless information knowledge. I hope that this foolishness hunger will be what gets us through this very stressful and busy time and over the tipping point and to a successful gym! 

Stay foolish.

Friday, July 20, 2012

awkward phases

it takes money to make money is a myth in a lot of situations, but not in ours.  we have blown through both of our bank accounts and then some and then some more.  it seems like there's nothing to show for it, but when i sit and add it all up, it makes sense.  i once heard that for any budgeted project that you should double the budget and the timeline.  that sounds about right from where i'm standing.  our mma classes are chugging along great.  we've even broken up classes into the top and bottom rooms in order to hold multiple classes at once.  the mma program is great, but both steve and i have a very good understanding that our gym needs more programs to grow into what we want, and to justify the sacrifices we have made (if anyone questions our sacrifices, take a look at the car steve drives).   

right now we are not only trying to finish up the gym, but we are trying to minimize that amount of furniture, clothing and "stuff" so that we can move into a much smaller house.  this house was our rental house for four years, so that means that it needs a LOT of work in order for it to be livable.  the last set of tenants were great (paid on time, didn't bother us), but they left a MESS behind.  every single surface needs love (i.e. the floors need to be replaced, every wall painted, overall deferred maintenance taken care of).  we want to move within the next 30-60 days and we haven't even started working on the new house--- this is NOT the best project to be taking on while working on the gym.  i'll be splitting my time at both places...working on the gym during the day, coming home and taking care of the kids and then working on the new house late at night when everyone is sleeping.  i figure that i'll sleep when i'm 80 and have nothing else to do. 

so i'll get back to the interesting point we're at:  we need to finish the gym and the things that we're waiting on are the things that will push us past that tipping point and get us into the black. the locker rooms still need work (demo, build-out etc), we need 20 stand-up boxing bags in order to hold cardio kick-boxing, our yoga room floor needs 10 more pieces and mirrors, our cage needs wall pads, our kid's room needs flooring and shelving, we need some really large signage, and our air keeps going on the fritz.  its easy to focus on the negative: things aren't finished and we spent all of our money, but instead (except for a moment or two each day in that i freak out) i'll choose to focus on some positive notes to keep my sanity and to keep the haters at bay:

we're already growing: we have had several signups (6+)  since we moved--and we haven't even advertised the move or technically OPENED

i am getting multiple calls and emails each day asking when our other programs will be running and when our grand opening is (stay tuned for the next post for that)

our blog is getting a ton of hits (that means you're reading it)

our neighbor's (young's restaurant) have been getting so many people asking about the gym and wanting information--not to mention all of the random people that come in while i'm working to see the place

i have lined up instructors for all of our classes

we are working with outside coaches that have approached US about teaching at our gym---that is such a complement and an exciting thing as well

i have found reliable and trustworthy people to work in the kid's club

we're getting ready to launch a kids gi jiu jitsu program and possibly an adult one as well

les mills was offering a special when i signed the licensing agreement for body-pump and we are getting 15 setting of barbells for the body-pump class for free!!  this is a huge relief to the budget!!  we were also assigned our body-pump club coach who will help target the audience and market for the classes, which will also drive other members to our gym. 

that sums up a few thoughts.  if you're a member, i hope you're 100% on board with us and believe in your gym family.  if you're not a member, then i hope that learning a little bit about us and what it has taken to get this point makes you want to come in and join! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012


It's been awhile since I posted anything about our progress at the gym. Things are still coming along. This has been a grueling process, physically, mentally, and financially. The amount of time that it takes to physically work on the gym is unbelievable and without all of the help from our students and friends, we would be so far behind. The time that I spend working on behind the scenes "stuff" is even more unbelievable (i.e. insurance, flyers, contracts, waivers, meta tags, space planning, budget crunching, ordering things for the gym, writing blogs posts, interviewing and hiring instructors, pricing anything and everything to get the best deal, making sure our map marker is in the right spot so the GPS leads to the correct place, etc). I feel like three hours pass and I have nothing tangible to show the fruits of my labor, except an extremely messy house and a wilted garden.

Here's the floor in the main room:

The boys had to re-enforce the cage with bars and wood on the wall...I was NOT happy about this!  Now that the wood is painted (see pictures on next post), it looks really nice, and they double as really tall pull-up bars. 

 It was two days before we had to start training at the new gym and our new mats weren't here yet.  So we had a last minute demolition to open up the basement and move our old mats in the space in order to train!

The baby after a LONG day of running around the gym while we worked:

  The first class in the "dungeon" at the new gym:

I can't wait for our grand opening next month!